Cornwall England

We are (unfortunately) back from our holidays in Cornwall.
I lived a long time ago in London and always wanted to go back for a longer holiday to the English countryside. So we did this June!

First we drove to Rotterdam, took the ferry to Harwich and dropped by my favourite cousin in London, who fed and entertained us together with his lovely wife.
Next stop was Bristol - great restaurants, nice live music, lovely people! (We must come back.)
Then off to Boscastle in Cornwall, a village and fishing port on the north coast, were we had booked a cozy cottage.

Coming from Switzerland, of course we were hiking every day in the stunning scenery of Cornwall's Cliffs. This was tricky with our threenager, because the cliffs are extremely steep and paths are narrow – and it was almost every day raining and the rocky paths became slippery. But the little one felt very comfortable in the rucksack and was happy being carried the half day long.
The best way to find a good hike is going to the nearest tourist information and ask about their hiking booklet from their neighbourhood, with a detailed map and local information about buildings and farmer shops. With our travel guide we would have been just lost in the forests.

We ate pasties, drank cider, gave in to cream tea and hang out in the pubs while it was raining buckets.
Weather was - who wonders - not very good in this season. But at least the places were not packed.
Besides, this was the dogfriendliest country we have ever been. Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere and people bought even icecream for their sweethearts.
I should do some drawings in future time about english people and their dogs. Funny!
We also fell in love with our neighbour's dog Syd (a greyhound puppy), who dropped by every now and then for wacthing telly with us.

If you go there with children: It's impossible to not pass an Ice CreamBus. Our Son could spot them from every top of a Cliff. :)

Also we witnessed the Brexit. Devastating it felt to us. The day after the referendum, the areas and villages and places we went to were numb, as if everybody was at home, in shock and awe about their own decision. The second day people started to talk all over the place about pros and cons.
Just saying, it is a shame that England left the EU, and especially from the younger ones, chances were taken. Well, we 'll see in the future if England is better off...

Thanks Cornwall for having us. We enjoyed every bit!



Harderwijk was a fishing village, and is nowadays probably known best for the Dolfinarium Harderwijk, a marine mammal park where dolphin shows are held. 
In our opinion the inner city itself is a bit underestimated. 
The pretty centre is surrounded by an old, defensive wall and there are beautiful buildings to discover. 
We went for a swim to the beach, what used to be the Zuiderzee shore, now the IJsselmeer
In 1932 the Zuiderzee was cut off from the North Sea for safety reasons.
Tourists are now common customers, while local people no longer make their living from the fisheries.
First picture collaboration work with the 3 year old and his Mama.